Dec 26 2017

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No-Cost Programs for Hearing Loss

For those of you who have a slight to severe hearing loss a Captioned Telephone (CapTel) can be a game changer. If you have a hard time understanding what is being said on the phone, you can have a free CapTel for your home. These phones write word-for-word what is being said to the person with hearing loss. In order to qualify for this free program you must have hearing loss, an internet connection and landline. Fill out a simple form and have it signed by your doctor. Crystal Vaccaro works locally to help gain access to this program.

If you have sever hearing or speech loss, Relay Colorado can support you. This free public service enables people with hearing and/or speech loss, to use assistive phone devices, to communicate with standard telephone users. Conversations are relayed between two parties by a specially trained communications assistant who relays the conversation between the two parties by typing or voicing. Just dial 711 – an operator will dial the number of the other party.

For people with speech disabilities, who prefer to speak on the phone for themselves, we offer Speech to Speech (STS). STS allows users to speak on the phone, while a trained STS operator listens to the conversation and repeats the STS user’s message.

People who hear well, yet are unable to speak directly on the phone due to a speech disability, can use Relay Colorado Hearing Carry Over (HCO). HCO allows users with a speech disability to listen and then respond by typing their message for relay operator to voice it.

Relay Colorado also offers Voice Carry Over (VCO) a free service that enables a person with hearing loss to use his/her voice to speak to a hearing person on the phone.

Conference Captioning, available in English and in Spanish, enhances your ability to join and contribute to conference calls. Individuals with hearing loss can participate in meetings (in-person or remote), phone calls, videoconferences, and multi-party teleconference calls.

Visit www.relaycolorado.com for more information. Need a Free Captioned Telephone? Call Crystal 720-481-7188. For resources www.HearingLossSupport.com.

Sprint Customer Service for RCC: 800-676-3777

CapTel Customer Service: 888- 269-7477

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