Feb 01 2018

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Recreate Your Roots Music Festival

These free events are Feb. 5-7. ‘Recreate Your Roots’ reworks timeless melodies in a modern context.

It’s little like summer camp in the city and a great way to ring in the new year: rousing (and free!) folk music performances, TED-style talks and fun family programs with world-class artists.

The University of Colorado Boulder’s American Music Research Center (AMRC) at the College of Music brings together musicians representing a diverse cross-section of American roots music traditions—think banjos, fiddles, drums—in an ear-opening festival for present-day listeners.

“Recreate Your Roots” celebrates a range of folk music in various formats—from concerts to colloquia—in campus and community settings that invite and inspire conversation,” said AMRC Director Tom Riis of the festival that was two years in the making.

The programs take place from CU Boulder’s campus to Lafayette, with an aim to engage a broad audience through public programs and school outreach.

“The festival presents amazing musicians who share a certain electricity in their work and who have found ways to create conversations with the past that are still relevant and resonant today,” said Stone.

Anna & Elizabeth

Anna & Elizabeth put an avantgarde spin on traditional bluegrass and progressive folk. They learn old traditional songs and archives, then weave in new musical ideas.

Recreate Your Roots also features Dom ‘The American Songster’ Flemons, a founding member of the Grammy winning Carolina Chocolate Drops, multi-instrumentalist who brings his own take on ragtime, Piedmont blues, spirituals, and jug-band music.

“Ultimately, Recreate Your Roots is a celebration that embodies the values we associate with folk music,” said Riis.

Visit https://www.colorado.edu/amrc/events for more information.

images courtesy of: https://www.colorado.edu/amrc/events, top – Dom Flemons, body Anna & Elizabeth

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