Jan 21 2014

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Cops Fighting Cancer Day in Aurora

In December, Officer James Seneca, the group’s founder and Honorary Ambassador, and the youngest Aurora Police Officer, Justin Smith, who is battling Cancer for the seventh time, gave a great day for the children at Children’s Hospital in Aurora.

Over 300 local and federal law enforcement officers from over 33 agencies travelled in a convoy called the Long Blue Line to Children’s Hospital and participated in a festive gift giving day for the children and their families.

Cops Fighting Cancer is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that exists to provide hope, support and compassion to Colorado cancer patients and their families. Officer James Seneca founded the organization in 2003 and has gathered both law enforcement and civilian volunteers, who have a genuine desire to help Colorado cancer patients and their families to win the fight against cancer.

Cops Fighting Cancer provides financial, practical and emotional support to help these patients and families focus on defeating the illness. People who have been diagnosed with cancer immediately find themselves in great need. The primary need is medical care, but all of the other “day-to-day” needs don’t just disappear. Rent and mortgage payments still need to be paid, families still have to be cared for, and other daily tasks need to be done.

These families also find themselves in tremendous need for emotional support that goes well beyond sympathy. The treatments for cancer
are not easily endured. It takes strength and support from others to help patients survive. Cops Fighting Cancer provides that support for Colorado families.

To volunteer, donate or for further information, Please contact us. Cops Fighting Cancer, PO Box 441098, Aurora, CO. 80044. Email: info@

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