Feb 03 2014

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Faster and Better Pancreatic Cancer Testing Is Now A Reality!

Pancreatic cancer is a devastatingly lethal form of cancer, and is typically regarded as the most deadly and universally rapid-killing form of cancer. Pancreatic cancer kills almost 38,000 Americans each year. There is only a 2% chance of survival due to late detection. One reason for its poor survival rate is it has few symptoms in the early stages, thus 98% people diagnosed with this disease live less than five years.

Three lifestyle issues known to contribute to pancreatic cancer are high sugar/fructose consumption, lack of exercise, and vitamin D deficiency. The current pancreatic cancer test is expensive at more than $800 and takes one half day to obtain the results. It also misses about 30% of patients with this type of cancer.

Partly spurred by the death of his uncle, a 16-year-old Maryland high school sophomore, scientist, and researcher, Jack Andraka (pictured above) vowed to find a quick and cheap way to test for signs of the disease. Andraka’s contacted 200 science professors, who first indicated his research was impossible and flawed. As shown above in 2012, Jack won the Gordon E. Moore award, the grand prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his miraculous discovery.

With the help of Internet resources using Google and Wikipedia and one John Hopkins University research scientist, Adraka created a diagnostic test, which searches for a specific protein biomarker for pancreatic cancer in less than one year.

This young researcher developed the inexpensive test that detects pancreatic cancer in its earliest stages, thus making the cure rate very high. The same concept can be used to test for lung and ovarian cancer too.

The simple blood test will cost less than five cents to implement and takes five minutes to obtain the results. Apparently, it has a 90% detection success rate, so look for this important detection medical tool soon upon FDA approval. He’ll probably receive a Nobel Prize for his discovery. Just another example of technology helping mankind live longer!

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