Apr 02 2014

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His Heart Is In His Work

Paul Bakes article in 50 Plus Marketplace News for northern Colorado seniors Paul Bakes’ passion for a career in physical rehabilitation motivated him to become an Exercise Physiologist now serving patients in the Northern Colorado Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehab Department.

While working at Hewlett/Packard & Agilent Technologies for 24 years Paul earned a BA in Business Administration from Regis University. He became eligible for special educational funding after being laid off in May 2004. This, he feels, gave him the opportunity of a life time to pursue a professional close to his heart. A visit to the University of Northern Colorado introduced him to its cardiac rehab program. To his good fortune, UNC accepted credits from his previous degree. He was able to earn a second BA in Sports and Exercise Science. Paul interned in the Northern Colorado Medical Centers’ Cardiac Rehab Dept. Post graduation found him pursuing his chosen profession at a Longmont Hospital, MCR in Loveland then full-time employment at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. Three years ago when an Exercise Physiologist position opened at NCMC. To his delight, a position was offered. He accepted.

Paul currently leads the 7:15 a.m. cardiac rehab class. In addition, he teaches the “How to Keep Your Heart Healthy” class to cardiac rehab patients. The class addresses such vital topics as: Controllable Risk Factors For Heart Disease, The Benefits Of Regular Physical Activity, Staying Active Pointers, Right & Wrong Activities, How To Gain Full Advantages From Physical Activity, Safety Tips & Reviewing Signs & Symptoms Of Coronary Artery Disease.

Paul feels very fortunate to be a part of the Cardiovascular Institute at NCMC. He is associated with a great group of professionals. All who have hearts in their work. For more information about his class, call 970-350-6168.

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