Mar 16 2014

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The Future of TV

You’ve probably heard rumors that cable and over the air TV will be a thing of the past, much like VHS, CDs, and soon DVDs. The pundits indicate cable and broadcast TV programming is likely to disappear in less than 10 years. All of these services are being replaced by the Internet TV services such as Amazon Prime, Hula Plus, and Netflix, who are providing online movies, TV shows, and sports programming for less than $8 per month.

Even the various TV networks are providing their TV shows online for free within one day with commercials. Cable and satellite services
will likely do the same too.

Netflix has the largest library of movies, TV, and award-winning original programming. It’s about $8 per month, which is a bargain
compared to cable or satellite TV.

Hulu Plus is another option for $8 per month, which gives you access to full seasons of shows before they hit Netflix.

Amazon Prime has the second largest TV library after Hulu, but without ads for under $7 per month.

Users can watch their favorite TV programs on Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs, home computers, or even use an Internet/TV converter. If you’re looking for an alternative to costly cable or satellite TV programming, think about subscribing to an Internet TV streaming service.

However, a fast 4G cellular service for Smartphones and Tablets, home broadband Internet service of 20 to 40 MBS ($20 to $40 per month) connection for Smart TVs and computers are required to watch these programs. A home (wired or wireless) Internet router with 250 MBs minimum connection speed for about $100 will be required for watching multiple programs at the same time.

The cable and phone companies currently provide 40 MBS, but will soon have 100 MBs to even 1 GBS speed connections within five years available in your neighborhood. Technology is changing fast in how we receive our entertainment.

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