Dec 08 2015

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Sioux Falls: Five Fun Attractions

By Ron Stern, Travel Photojournalist

Sioux Falls is South Dakota’s largest city and an easy day’s drive from Colorado. Here are some of the top things to see and do:

The Big Sioux River runs through the city. Falls Park, only a few blocks from downtown, showcases the cascade on the river that gave Sioux Falls its name. Stop in at the Visitor Information Center and grab a bite to eat in the Falls Overlook Café.

The River Greenway follows the river in a loop through the city. It’s part of the Big Sioux River Recreational Trail, consisting of 26 miles of paved trails.

Every year, up to 50 different works are displayed throughout Downtown. People can vote for their favorites, and purchase them if so desired!

The Washington Pavilion houses several different venues. The Visual
Arts Center has a sculpture garden, seven galleries, and studios for artists. The Husby Performing Arts Center and its two theatres host touring Broadway plays and the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra. At the Wells Fargo CineDome you can watch the latest movies and documentaries on its gigantic movie screen.

Over 800 butterflies in flight make the Sertona Butterfly House a beautiful sight within an indoor tropical garden. Adjacent to the Butterfly House is the Marine Cove, with plenty of aquariums featuring a variety of salt water dwellers, everything from tiny sea horses to clownfish, sharks, sting rays and more.

There are over 650 restaurants in Sioux Falls. Two, in particular, will be of interest for dessert lovers.

CH Patisserie, owned by Pastry Chef Chris Hanmer is famous for his neon-colored French macaroons. At Oh My Cupcakes! They follow through on their motto: “To shine God’s love and make people smile…with cupcakes.”

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