Jul 25 2017

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A One Hundred Years Young

Fern Steele not long ago celebrated her 100th Birthday. She attributes her longevity to her being blessed with good health, her faith, and a loving, caring family. Fern is quick to add, staying active, having a positive attitude and laughing is excellent medicine.

Fern is a big sports fan. She keeps tabs on the Rockies, Broncos and the Avalanche and knows many players’ names. Fern, also, loves to sing old songs” and still loves to dance. She is independent and cares for herself. Cooking for her family and friends is a favorite pass time.

For Fern, this adds up to 100 years of life, experiences, and witnessing history being made since 1917 to the present.

Photo: Fern with son Dwight and daughter Shelley

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