Jul 18 2017

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Colorado Collectibles at Forney Transportation Museum

Colorado Collectibles 2017

Forney Transportation Museum | Sunday, August 13 | 10am – 3pm

Do you have a mysterious antique lying around the house that you think might be worth a fortune? Every season on Colorado Collectibles, put on by Colorado Public Television-Channel 12, we look at the treasures local viewers have lying around in their attics, garages or grandmother’s house, and provide an appraisal that answers the mysterious question, “What is it worth?” It’s an educational and fun show that unveils some fascinating antiques, heirlooms and other treasures found across Colorado. Some of the items even end up on broadcast television, if the appraisers find them to be especially fascinating.

With the Forney Transportation Museum serving as the backdrop for this exciting event, Colorado Collectibles is sure to please attendees and viewers alike. Forney boasts one of the most comprehensive collections of historic vehicles, from Chevy convertibles to old-time bicycles; it serves as the perfect location to celebrate the items that participants bring into Colorado Collectibles.

Providing a chance to have items appraised, and see exactly how unique these antiques are, Colorado Public Television Channel 12 is partnering with Cowan’s Auctions. Cowan’s has appraised priceless items as well as pieces of illustrious origin and make for years.

Items may have been passed Colorado Collectibles at Forney Transportation Museum down from generation to generation, dating back to the American Revolution or earlier. Items may have taken a journey across the plains when settlers first came to Colorado. Previous standouts have included a very valuable stained glass representation of Jesus Christ, a massive ancient text written in German, and a quilt of unknown origin. The intrigue behind all these items was affirmed and expanded upon by the expert appraisers partnering with Colorado Collectibles.

Evaluated by Cowan’s Auction professional appraisers. Colorado Collectibles gives us all a chance to honor the items that represent our history and families, providing a journey through time you won’t soon forget.

Graphic credit: Colorado Public Television

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