Aug 22 2017

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Consortium for Older Adult Wellness

On July 20, at the Lakewood Cultural Center we celebrated COAW (Consortium for Older Adult Wellness) an “Evening with Roger Landry, M. D. Author of “Live Long, Die Short”.

COAW is a national leader in engaging and inspiring adults, communities and health systems in realizing their potential in prevention, wellness and self-management. COAW collaborates with health providers and community based organizations to offer evidence-based community health classes, fall prevention screenings, and health and wellness leader trainings.

A mix of people in attendance included the Senior Care industry, Medical industry and the layperson all looking to find out more about this thing called ‘Aging’ and how to navigate it better.

Based in Lakewood, COAW is now in counties throughout the state and gaining momentum around the country.

Dr Landry offered a wealth of information on how by staying active and engaged, life is much better and longer. Laughter is great medicine to a longer life is one lesson learned.

Contact COAW at (888) 900-2629, www.coaw.org

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