Oct 02 2017

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Senior Law Day

By Michael Buckley, Associate Publisher, SLDWC Committee Member

When becoming a senior, we face new challenges. Questions come to mind like: Will we have sufficient funds to make ends meet? What about health costs; especially longterm care expenses? Should we be on guard about fraud and scams aimed at us? How should we plan a-head? What legal measures are in our best interest? For grandparents raising grand-children; what are the legal aspects? Should our dietary habits be changed? These are just a few areas of concern. Planning is vital! Seniors knowing their rights is critical. Often, we as seniors are unaware of all the laws, benefits and special services that are available to help us remain in charge of our lives.

The lives of seniors are affected by any number of federal, state and local laws and regulations. Many of us depend on the various government agencies for things like: health care housing needs, income. So many times, dealing with these agencies is confusing and frustrating.

Withstanding all the “red tape” is not easy. We certainly don’t want to lose benefits we are en-titled to. Of course, there is always legal assistance available and other resources to lend a hand.

Which brings me to inviting you to Senior Law Day Weld County; Friday, October 6, 2017; at the brand new and recently opened Double Tree by Hilton, Lincoln Convention Center, 919 7th Street, Greeley; from 7:30 a.m. to noon. A $5 donation is suggested.

While at the event, be sure to visit the vendors and learn more about their products and services aimed at enhancing the lives of seniors now and in the future.

Hotel parking is available along with parking at Union Colony Civic Center, Greeley Senior Center and on the street.

There, find answers to some of the issues we face as seniors, topics include: Medicaid For Long-term Care Expenses, Legal Aspects of Raising Grandchildren, Consumer Rights, Nutrition for Health Aging, Powers of Attorney and Living Wills, Wills and Trusts, Medicaid Advance Directives and Power Against Fraud. All the attendees receive a copy of the 2017 Senior Law Handbook published by the Colorado Bar Association. In addition, there will be a comprehensive book of all seminar highlights and resources made available to attendees. These two publications serve as excellent and useful resource information.

I asked K. Michelle AmRhein, Attorney-at-law, with Coan, Payton & Payne law firm her thoughts about the benefits of attending SLDWC (SLD). She responded with these five points.

1. SLD provides seniors the opportunity to hear local community experts speak on topics pertinent to their everyday life.
2. The event seeks to educate family members and caregivers about important legal issues impacting their aging loved ones.
3. The SLD vendor fair allows participants to learn more about the many local resources available to seniors here in Weld County and to talk directly with service providers about their products and services.
4. Attendees take home a copy of the 2017 Colorado Senior Law Handbook (a legal information and reference guide for aging adults).
5. Have fun mingling and meeting other seniors at the newly opened Double Tree in Greeley.

For more information about Senior Law Day Weld County call (970) 346-6950 or visit www.seniorlawday-weldcounty.com

I plan on being there. How about you?

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