Oct 09 2017

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Your Voice Important on Aging Issues

If you are a senior in Colorado, or provide assistance to one or more, we want to hear from you. The need is urgent.

By the year 2030, nearly one in every five residents will be 65 or over. The state must be prepared to meet the challenges that come with serving an aging population.

Last November, Colorado’s Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging released nine recommendations to guide the state in preparing for this shifting demographic. The full plan and recommendations can be found at www. colorado.gov/agingstrategy. Some of the major themes we are addressing include:

Providing an in-depth assessment of the demographic changes that will affect our state workforce, economy, budget, and public sectors serving the aging;

Investing in research and data to determine system gaps and barriers by studying health, caregivers, jobs, retirement savings, transportation, housing, and the work of individual Colorado communities to meet the growing needs;

Building public awareness about the impact of the potential crisis on Colorado families;

Protecting seniors from abuse, neglect, exploitation, fraud and crime; and mapping unforeseen vulnerabilities, such as changes in federally allocated program dollars, health care coverage, and state budget restrictions.

The Planning Group is now holding regional “Conversations on Aging.” We have conducted meetings in Grand Junction and Frisco and will be in Pueblo on October 19, Fort Morgan on October 25 and Denver on November 2. You can register for any of the meetings by sending an email to agingstrategy@state.co.us.

We conduct these meetings knowing that the strength of any aging plan for the state is going to come through strong community involvement. I encourage you to come and share your stories and concerns with us at one or more of these meetings. We look forward to hearing from you and learning how to help your communities.

~ Jim Riesberg is the chair of the Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging

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