Oct 24 2017

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A Working Farm

Tigges (pronounced Tig-guess) Farm is a hub of activity beginning in August and through the end of October each year. 2017 is no exception…

Tigges Farm Produce Stand was the dream of 1963-2008 owner Mary Tigges. She had wanted to operate a vegetable stand since her early childhood. Her dream came true in 1987 with the able assistance of her son, Ken Tigges. What was a sheep barn, pig barn and a storage building was transformed into a vegetable stand. In the 1990’s the shelter was added to the stand. Mary passed away in 2008. Her children Kathy Rickart, Gale Loeffler and Ken Tigges teamed up to keep their Mother’s dream alive.

Those who have frequented Tigges Farm are quite familiar with the “Gathering Place,” where various social functions have taken place; where fresh produce is featured. The farm is widely known for its variety of tomatoes that have a delicious flavor. Oh, let’s not forget the farm’s onions, garlic, mild to very hot chilies, sweet corn, cucumbers, several varieties of squash; last, but not least Pumpkins.

The Pumpkin Patch, to the delight of young and old is open the entire month of October. There is no admission. Stop by the farm, grab a wagon. And off you go to pick out your own personal pumpkin. Medium to large pumpkins are sold by the pound. Smaller ones are a set price.

Farm history buffs should visit the Tigges Farm Equipment Museum featuring Antiques and Tractors. Mary’s husband Robert Tigges kept all his old farm implements thinking there might be those desiring a walk down memory lane. While there view the Barn Quilt Gallery.

The month of October is a busy time at Tigges Farm. They have planned an array of family fun activities – milking a cow, costume day, live entertainment and more. All free, too! Call 970-686-7225 for more information. Tigges Farm is located at 12404 WCR 64 ½, Greeley, Colorado. Don’t miss the fun!

Photo credit: Tigges Farm

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