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Video Solutions

50 Plus Video Solutions

50 Plus Video Solutions and 50 Plus Marketplace News create effective video solutions for customer websites, social media pages, email programs and DVDs. Online video ads are becoming very popular with all demographics per the latest advertising and video market surveys. We have our own in house video department with very affordable customer pricing.

We produce the following different types of videos:

  • 1) Customer Product or Service Promotions
  • 2) Customer or Tradeshow Testimonials
  • 3) Single or Group Presentations & Lectures
  • 4) Employee Orientation and Training
  • 5) Product Training
  • 6) Event or Tradeshow Interviews

Please watch this two minute video about our multiple video solutions.

Download our Video Brochure on the different types of business videos and benefits.

Online videos should be placed on your website and your social media channel(s)for best audience reach and lowest cost distribution or privately on DVDs or flash drives. We can help you market your video using multiple distribution channels.

Call us today at 303-694-5512 for a FREE consultation and quote for your video solution!

Please visit our Media Solutions website to see more information and examples of our videos.

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50 Plus Video Solutions and 50 Plus Marketplace News is a subsidiary of 50 Plus Media Solutions, Inc.

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