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Welcome to our educational and informational genealogy video series! Carol Cooke Darrow, Certified Genealogist and instructor for the Colorado Genealogical Society in Denver, explains how genealogy research can help new and experienced genealogists locate their ancestors. Please visit Unraveling Your Past website to learn more about genealogy. Return on September 18 to see Carol’s next video on “DIY Research.”

Researching Unique Individuals
Have you found ancestors with the same name in the same location during the same time. This is not unusual, but can be resolved. Certified Genealogist and instructor Carol Cooke Darrow provides several tips on resolving same names issues.

Getting Started With Genealogy
Need a great hobby with benefits in finding your ancestors? 50 Plus columnist Carol Cooke Darrow, a Certified Genealogist, explains how to get started with genealogy.

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