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Health & Wellness

Welcome to our educational and informational health & wellness video series. As a fitness instructor and certified nutritionist, Diane Horak explains the benefits of keeping yourself healthy and in shape. She is the program coordinator for their health & wellness programs at the Fort Collins Senior Center. Please visit Health & Wellness website to learn more about their programs. Return on July 2 to see her next video on “Standing Up to Gravity!”

2017 Health & Wellness Programs
Are you feeling sluggish and need more energy every day? Listen to our 50 Plus columnist Diane Horak, Health & Wellness Program Manager at the Fort Collins Senior Center as she explains how their Health & Wellness programs can rejuvenate your body.

New Year’s Resolutions
What is your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017? Please watch Health & Wellness columnist Diane Horak explain the benefits of New Year’s Resolutions.

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