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Health & Wellness

Welcome to our educational and informational health & wellness video series. As a fitness instructor and certified nutritionist, Diane Horak explains the benefits of keeping yourself healthy and in shape. She is the program coordinator for their health & wellness programs at the Fort Collins Senior Center. Please visit Health & Wellness website to learn more about their programs. Return on October 2 to see her next video on “The Power of Positivity!”

Visitors with vision problems can expand the video screen to full size by selecting the four arrow icon next to the Vimeo logo in the lower right part of the video screen! After starting the selected video, users can pause or restart the video by selecting the keyboard space bar.

The Power of Positivity
Did you know that a positive attitude will help you with your physical being, less stress, more energy, and happiness! 50 Plus column write Diane Horak, program coordinator at the Fort Collins Senior Center explains all this and more!

Standing Up To Gravity
Have you had balance problems or fallen down lately? 50 Plus column writer Diane Horak, Program Coordinator for the Fort Collins Senior Center and Columbine Health Systems explains balance and fall prevention strategies in keeping you upright.

2017 Health & Wellness Programs
Are you feeling sluggish and need more energy every day? Listen to our 50 Plus columnist Diane Horak, Health & Wellness Program Manager at the Fort Collins Senior Center as she explains how their Health & Wellness programs can rejuvenate your body.

New Year’s Resolutions
What is your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017? Please watch Health & Wellness columnist Diane Horak explain the benefits of New Year’s Resolutions.

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