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Welcome to our educational and informational video series on reflections! Author and column writer Marty Coffin Evans provides insights into present and past situations affecting us during our lifetime! Please visit Mace Associates website to learn more about her works! Return on October 9 to see her next video on “Helping Others With Challenges!”

Visitors with vision problems can expand the video screen to full size by selecting the four arrow icon next to the Vimeo logo in the lower right part of the video screen! After starting the selected video, users can pause or restart the video by selecting the keyboard space bar.

Leaving Prints
Have you lost a pet or loved one lately and miss them dearly? 50 Plus column writer Marty Coffin Evans gives several examples of Leaving Prints relating to your pets or loved ones.

Bonds of Friendship
Have you been keeping in touch with your past friends? 50 Plus column writer Marty Coffin Evans tells about her past experiences with her best friends in Bonds of Friendship.

Keepsake Boxes
Have you kept memorabilia in a mini chest or keepsake box? Reflections columnist Marty Coffin Evans tells about her recent experience and surprise in her keepsake box.

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