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Welcome to our educational and informational technology video series! Bob Larson is the Marketing Director, technologist, and photo-journalist at 50 Plus. Bob explains the different consumer, commercial, or industrial technologies to benefit our planet! Return next year to see more videos on technology!

Visitors with vision problems can expand the video screen to full size by selecting the four arrow icon next to the Vimeo logo in the lower right part of the video screen! After starting the selected video, users can pause or restart the video by selecting the keyboard space bar.

IBM’s Watson Program

Did you know that IBM is using artificial intelligence in their Watson Health program to cure cancer? Watch this educational and informational video by 50 Plus technology column writer Bob Larson as he explains IBM’s Watson medical diagnostics program.

Technology Update on Driverless Cars
Over 94% of all traffic accidents are caused by human error per a recent NHTSA survey. Google is introducing its driverless and autonomous car technology to reduce traffic accidents. 50 Plus technology column writer Bob Larson explains the benefits of Google’s and other self driving and autonomous cars.

Using Wikipedia Online
Have you used an online encyclopedia to learn about any subject or celebrity person? 50 Plus technology column writer Bob Larson explains how the popular Wikipedia online service benefits everyone on learning new subjects.

The Age of Acceleration
The Age of Acceleration is changing the world at a rapid pace. Technology column writer Bob Larson explains how the three forces of technology is impacting our everyday lives.

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