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Boulder County Edition

Thanks so much for continuing the tradition of Christmas in your December Boulder County Edition! Takes a lot of guts to support our age old traditions and I wanted you to know how much my wife and I appreciate it! Merry Christmas!

J. H.    Longmont, CO   

We have been a very happy advertising client!
We have been a very happy advertising client with 50 Plus since Robert began the 50 Plus publication some years ago. We have found 50 Plus to be supportive in their approach to our suggestions and our major marketing tool for reaching our audience. The content is always relevant to our customers and we have some clients pu 50 Plus monthly in our office which we have found is a good traffic source. The graphics design department is very responsive as well.

D. R.    Longmont, CO   

The best assets in our community.
Robert, your staff is one of the best assets in our community when it comes to suggestions and direction for our organization. We enjoy working with Lynne for the Graphics Design as well, so please feel free to share our appreciation for a job well done.

Sheri L.    Boulder, CO   

Denver Metro Edition

Best decision and investment we have every made.
Our experience with Marketing/Advertising Products is that after years of trying to get the local Newspapers on board with our excellent programming, we finally partnered with 50 Plus and now reach the greatest number of candidates for our services in our community. 50 Plus is a responsive service as they are so much more than print and content with their radio, cable TV, and resource fairs participation each month. We have found that we no longer need to work all the Fairs when 50 Plus is covering the events. Thanks also to Harvey for his constant contact and follow through! Best decision and investment we have every made.

ED    Denver, CO   

Thanks for supporting our efforts to reach this valuable customer base.
Our agency is dependent on 50 Plus MarketPlace News with many of our clients. We know we will get the best market content and the finest community contacts with the editions
We choose monthly!

SC    Greenwood Village, CO/ LD, Denver, CO   

Thank you for your support and leads all these many years.
I always remember the first conversation I had when we began interviewing organizations to carry our advertising message to the Metro area with HM and then with you R. You 2 were so responsive that I couldn’t forget you! After years now it was pivotal to making our Brand into a Household name.

JG    Denver, CO   

Larimer County Edition

Just wanted to extend a heart-felt thank you for providing such excellent coverage of ECN's upcoming Senior Law Day event at CSU. Wow! If that doesn't help registration, nothing will. Thank you!

Mimi W.    Fort Collns, CO   

I was in a deep depression last summer (2014) and in age denial. I had no friends my own age. Then I joined the Senior Center and read about auditions for the SOAP Troupe in your August issue and everything that followed has enriched my life so much and has introduced me to so many wonderful people my own age and younger and older!! And I'm a born ham so it's perfect for me! No more depression for this Groovy Little Granny!!
Thanks for all YOU do for us Golden Agers!!

K. L.    Fort Collins, CO   

The premier marketing/advertising choice...
The most helpful content product in this area! The material works like my mind works and this makes the folks very happy not to mention informed. We will continue to work with 50 Plus into the future as the premier marketing/advertising choice in this area and we have tried them all.

Bill B.    Loveland, CO   

Weld County Edition

Thank you for your continued support.
We wanted to let you know that our organization has been very successful in booking more events because of 50 Plus applications. The cover story article in the 50+ MarketPlace News has been very instrumental in helping us focus our advertising investment--

Lola L.    Greeley, CO   

50 Plus is one the best sources
We have used for years to sponsor our resource fair. Always looking for ways to help our event get more attendees and giving us there support with different booth candidates. We have found 50 Plus Marketplace is a common name in our community and always gives us credibility with our attendees, advertisers and they even help with the planning and implementation of the event. Thanks for your help.

EJ    Greeley, CO   

Just wanting to let you know...
I was just wanting to let you know that your 50 Plus resource has produced some nice results for our business. Michael Buckley, our rep, has done an excellent job handling our ad. Keep up the fine job and we will keep renewing quarterly.

Heidi P.    Greeley, CO   

Thank You For Visiting Our Website!

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