Oct 31 2017

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Step Up Program

Sometimes we aren’t sure what we should name a new program. We started with “Step Down Program” a new program for residents who had been in our skilled nursing facilities, but could still benefit from therapy, teaching, and support. Those we felt could benefit from a continued stay at one of our assisted livings. But then someone said – “Step Down is so negative” – so Step Up it became!

In each of our assisted living facilities – New Mercer Commons, Lakeview Commons, and Columbine Commons – we offer the Step Up program. The basic premise for the program is; you aren’t really ready to go home, or your home isn’t ready for you to go home to, or you’re moving somewhere else in the country to be near children and you need more time to for the move to take place, or…You get the idea!

We furnish an apartment with bed, linens, dresser, side tables with lamps, a cozy chair, and a few knick knacks. You bring your clothes, your cell phone, an IPad (or other computer device you prefer) and yourself.

Our nurse’s work with you on a plan of care for continuing your medical care, which often includes continued teaching of a new medication, a new treatment, or now you are on insulin and need help with those needles. Therapy is provided through our Columbine Poudre Home Care or Front Range Therapy Services. Medications come from our Centre Pharmacy. Add in meals, snacks, housekeeping and laundry and you have the complete picture. Stay as long as you need – 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months.

Step Up is really a transition program. Some Step Up clients try out an apartment that is already furnished to see if assisted living is for them. Nine times out of 10 it is! Call 970-482-0198 to learn more about our Step Up program.


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