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January 2018

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Our Denver Metro edition is delivered each month throughout several municipalities within Denver Metro Area. Serving 50 Plus communities in the counties of Adams, Arapaho, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Elbert, and Jefferson.

122,000 Total Circulation for Denver Metro Area!

Distribution Outlets

Distribution outlets are all specifically targeted to service the needs and interests of the over-fifty population: Medical facilities by office, Hospitals and waiting rooms, Dentists and labs, Eye care centers, Pharmacies’ catering to seniors, Banks and Credit Unions, Health food stores, Hearing offices/Audiologists, Home health care agencies, Nursing homes/Assisted living facilities, Senior appropriate restaurants,  some Walmart’s & Fast Lube locations and Apartment complexes to name a few.  Large numbers are also delivered to such public venues as Public Libraries,  State office complexes, County office complexes, City office complexes, City Senior centers and various organizations conducting superannuation and retirement seminars.

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